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Stanford Pre-Collegiate Studies has been offering academic enrichment opportunities to students around the world for more than 20 years. Designed to educate the next generation of global citizens, our international programs bring intellectually curious students together in engaging learning environments that foster critical thinking and promote personal growth.
An instructor lectures by a blackboard as participants watch on.

Our Community

Stanford Quad

Stanford University

Founded in 1891, Stanford University is located near San Francisco, California, in the heart of Silicon Valley. A world leader among academic institutions, Stanford is known for educating the brightest students, for shaping the world through ground-breaking research, and for building a spirit of innovation and entrepreneurship. Stanford is a leader in engineering, science, technology, medicine, law, business, humanities, and the arts.
Two participants pose in the Tech Museum in San Jose

Silicon Valley

Silicon Valley is home to many of the world's largest high-tech corporations, as well as thousands of start-up companies. It is a leading hub for high-tech innovation and development and is home to many well-known companies, such as Facebook, Google, Apple, Cisco, Intel, eBay, and Netflix. Participants learn about Silicon Valley through our Entrepreneurship Panel and field trips throughout the region.

Our Origins

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Stanford Pre-Collegiate Studies

Stanford Pre-Collegiate Studies (formerly known as EPGY) is a department at Stanford Continuing Studies that provides rare academic opportunities to pre-collegiate students. Stanford Pre-Collegiate International Institutes was created to provide groups of international students the opportunity to experience American college life by traveling to Stanford and engaging in a variety of academic, social, and cultural activities.

Collaborators From Around the World

Over the years, participating groups have hailed from a variety of countries around the world. In each case, participants have contributed to the global makeup of the cohort, having opportunities to share their culture and learn about other cultures. This diversity has made the program a resounding success.

Meet Our International Programs Team

We have a dedicated staff responsible for creating, planning, and operating Stanford Pre-Collegiate Studies international programs.
Rick Sommer

Rick Sommer

Executive Director

Jeanette Cook

Jeanette Cook

Director of International Programs

Alyssa Goya photo

Alyssa Goya

International Programs Coordinator

Our Instructors

We hire over 40 adjunct instructors each year, all of whom are carefully selected for their interests and abilities in working with academically talented high-school students. Our instructors bring their particular areas of expertise to each course, providing participants with insight into a variety of academic and professional fields. Their qualifications typically include graduate degrees and postgraduate programs at top universities, including Stanford, and/or entrepreneurial experience in Silicon Valley. The sample set of instructors listed below teach for us regularly.
Sebastian Gaston Alvarado teaching outside to a group of students who are seated on stairs

Sebastian Gaston Alvarado

Nature, Nurture & Epigenetics

A profile image of Raj Bhargava in a baseball cap appearing to be out in nature

Raj Bhargava

Business Entrepreneurship and Design Thinking

Profile photo of Jeff Cabili an instructor

Jeff Cabili

Effective Nonverbal Communication and Leadership

Alan Ceaser standing in profile picture

Alan Ceaser

Principles of Cognitive Neuroscience

a profile image of Chandranil Chakraborttii

Chandranil Chakraborttii

Game Design, Software Engineering, and Artificial Intelligence

Chloe Good, instructor, in foreground, providing instruction to two students in background

Chloe Good

Being a Leader

Mansi Kakkar pointing to a diagram with a circle explaining how businesses build, measure and learn

Mansi Kakkar

Design Thinking and Business Entrepreneurship

Profile image of instructor John Lee in front of writing samples and other posters

John Lee

Creative Writing

Profile image of Nada Miljkovic an instructor

Nada Miljkovic

Business Entrepreneurship and Start-Up Entrepreneurship

Margaret Reges profile picture in front of leaves

Margaret Reges

Dadaist Games!

Bill Scott on left providing instruction to two students on right

William (Bill) Scott

Design Thinking

Profile photo of Geoff Upton an instructor

Geoff Upton

Democracy: Why or Why Not? and Expository Writing